There are three particular projects from many within the corporate career of the founder of FEL that define his own thoughts on the development process and the position of the engineering and construction industry in society, which in turn have dictated the course for Feasibility East Limited to follow.

Victoria Falls Hydro-electric Scheme, Zambia

 Project ManagementProject Management







Ref.: ICE Proceedings, Vol. 56, issue 3, August 1974, pp. 275~301. DDA Piesold, BC Walker, GB Murdoch.

As part of the construction supervision staff of Knight Piesold (formerly Watermeyer, Legge, Piesold & Uhlmann) this 40 MW project, the third Run of River hydro plant, totalling 108 MW on the Zambezi River at Livingstone in Zambia, was an inspirational and humbling career start. A green project that was decades ahead of the current requirement for renewable energy.

The mix of water control structures, rock tunnelling and surface power house located at the foot of the third gorge of the Zambezi River below the Victoria Falls together with the extent of the civil, mechanical and electrical works laid the foundations for a continued commitment to international multi-disciplinary projects, particularly in the power sector.

The National Exhibition Centre, Birmingham, England

Project ManagementHaving the privilege of working on site from the first pile being driven to structural topping out of the one million square foot development of the National Exhibition Centre comprising 7 halls together with the central core facilities of the piazza was a shining example of what could be achieved by the combined leadership of Engineer (Ove Arup) and Contractor (R M Douglas) when the two formidable principals of those two organisations, together with their respective staff, committed themselves equally to achieving a goal.   


Town DCC (District Control Centre) and 300kV GIS Substation, KuwaitProject Management

Mitsubishi Electric secured two separate contracts, the first for 2 no. 300 kV GIS (Gas Insulated Switchgear) substations at Kuwait Town (city centre area) and Fifth Ring Road with the DCC following. Whilst continuing to execute Fifth Ring Road separately, the Town Substation and DCC projects were constructed as one, resulting in a spectacular multi-storey GIS structure with 33 kV SWG and 132 kV GIS above 300 kV GIS switchgear halls, transformer and reactor compounds, together with the state-of-the art adjoining control centre. In an architecturally striking form, combining engineering and commercial demands, including long term warranty obligations, it brought home in the most visible fashion the effect of executing the full turnkey responsibilities of an EPC Contractor.