Project ManagementFEASIBILITY EAST LIMITED (FEL) provides Project Management Services internationally. The common theme in our Project Management activities has been to satisfy the Client demand for fast track, quality assured developments, delivered to budget and schedule. The current emphasis for private finance to assume a full role in infrastructure, industrial and commercial development has rightly shifted responsibilities away from direct government funding to commercial partnership agreements. 

A significant problem faced in the formulation and conclusion of such investment and privatisation agreements has traditionally been the long pre-development periods that can result. As Owner's Representative, FEL plays a positive role within the separate Investor, Finance, Legal and Engineering demands for an investment project to achieve integration into a robust, coherent whole. Through every step of the development process from Investment Feasibility Study, Design & Planning to Construction and Operation the company commits itself to seeking positive solutions and creating that essential momentum for Budget and Programme integrity.

As advocates of single point responsibility and EPC forms of contract for the development process FEL's Project Managers apply firm control procedures to effect prompt completions. EPC is particularly appropriate to developments under project finance regimes to ensure against completion delays and obtain assurance of fixed price contracts, especially where non-recourse finance is sought and the project cash flow is the determinant for debt service repayment.

A clear understanding and application of risk management remains a challenge for all participants in the investment market for power, oil & gas and indeed all industries. The organisations that best understand the nature of those risks are more likely to manage them most effectively and can then work with tighter margins and less dependency on old-style contingencies, tying up much needed resources, which can be better deployed elsewhere. FEL brings forward that understanding and integrates it fully into the skills application of project management. 

Construction provides the ideal grounding for the management of large budget programmes and greenfield start-up operations, often under onerous conditions. When coupled with the extensive international exposure that FEL's project portfolios demonstrate, an increasing part of our workload involves strategic management assignments in a variety of industrial and commercial settings.

FEL recently completed a corporate recovery brief in the Czech Republic for a ceramic substrate plant that required both management restructuring and technical scrutiny to meet minimum performance standards of the process technology transfer from Japan.

Project failure studies and project recovery assignments have also been carried out in Africa, Asia and the Middle East following natural and man-made disasters.